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2. Colour

Grey is continuing its dominant run as the most popular carpet colour for renovators and decorators. We are seeing a shift away from the deep charcoals towards a lighter, mid tone palette, creating a greater sense of space. Our team of colorists have been focused on driftwood tones and natural greys that imitate those in nature. Lighter neutrals are making a resurgence in our environmentally conscious eco+® range.

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3. Style

Chunky loop pile carpet is uber-popular at the moment and lends itself to that textured, casual look that we’ve seen in apparel. Chunky loop carpets like Carramar, Rocky Point, Pebble Grid and Chatsworth are dressing the homes of interior designers and renovators alike.

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4. Chatsworth

Chatsworth is a beautiful chunky loop pile heather blend carpet in natural earthy tone shades.

Crafted from our chunkiest yarn ever, this high-quality carpet promises unbelievable amounts of cosy comfort underfoot.


5. Rocky Point

Rocky Point is one of our most family friendly textured high lo level loop carpets. This 100% nylon carpet is hard wearing and stain resistant, making it the perfect choice for renovators, families and landlords alike.


6. New Sunrise

This luxuriously soft carpet is available in a wide range of 20 gorgeous colours.

New Sunrise is stain, soil, wear and fade resistant and cleans with just cold water.


7. Carramar

This beautiful chunky 100% wool carpet is the perfect choice if you are looking for a textured, layered look in your space. This carpet will sustain luxurious comfort all year round.