The Home Team Week 2 : Flooring and Roofing

Inside the house things are moving quickly, the walls are removed and new structural bulkheads and joinery are being built. Outside, many of the roof tiles are beyond repair so a new roof will be needed and the house will be rendered. 

The Flooring

As the flooring is covered in patches, holes and boards in different directions, it's been decided that they have to go. Julia wants neutral, charcoal or light grey carpets in bedrooms and natural, oak, grey feature floor for the living areas.

Leah takes a trip to her local Godfrey Hirst retailer to try and find a few samples. She loved the Luxury Vinyl Planks - beautiful wide boards with a timber look and grain and texture you can feel. They can handle high heels, dog claws and toys and are completely waterproof  so can be used right through to wet areas.

She also decides on an eco+ carpet - it's super soft, Australian made and has polymers produced from corn sugar allowing for a carpet that cleans with just cold water. Narrowing  her colour choices, Leah takes her samples back to the house to test them against her paint selections. 

In the Garden 

The bobcats are in to clear the garden and Anthony maps out the layout for the pool, path and garden beds. Digging gets started for the pool, then the steel frame, structure and the concrete. 

Top Tips from Week 2

  • Think about anesthetic as well as functionality when planning your garden layout. 
  • Paint a large wall section when testing paint colour samples to get a clear indication of the colour.
  • Allow some extra money in the budget and additional time on the schedule. There may be unforeseen issues that could cost a few extra dollars or consume a few extra days. 
  • Bring home your hard flooring and carpet samples and hold them up next to the paint swatches on the wall. See how the paint looks in the light and how it will work with the flooring. 

Things are starting to take shape now and we can't wait to see the new floors! 

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