The Home Team Week 3 : Preparing for Godfrey Hirst Flooring

Julia provided some great tips on selecting colours and styling shelves, including factoring in scale, height and clusters of interesting objects.  Leah showed how a bit of creativity can re-purpose some budget décor items, including a pendant light and a tool organiser.  They also began planning the master bedroom, selecting a luxurious bedhead as a starting point!
James whipped together a custom coffee table, with old steel pulled from the house and some salvaged rustic timber.

The Flooring

Not long now until our brand new vinyl flooring range Orion takes centre stage! The team has been busy preparing the kitchen, living and dining areas for our new flooring!  Our vinyl plank ranges can be installed straight over most existing subfloors, but the team has chosen to replace the old chipboard with a brand new substrate.
The girls also checked out the framework for the bedrooms, where our eco+ Dream View will provide a luxuriously soft and comfortable haven for Mum, Dad and the kids.

In the Garden 

Work on the deck began, with demolition taking no time at all, and the framework popping up quickly.  A new deck is the perfect summer holidays project, particularly if you have a team of helpers on hand motivated by a bbq on the finished result!
Anthony provided some advice on how to mow your lawn to keep it healthy and looking great.


Top Tips from Week 3

  • Insulating your home is a worthwhile investment when renovating.  The right flooring can also assist with climate control, particularly carpet!
  • Safe power on a job site is crucial and both tools and extension cords should be tested by a professional.
  • Mowing too short can burn your lawn – little trims will keep it fresh and green.
  • Waterproofing your bathroom is just as important as the sparkly accessories
the home team prepares the deck
Work on the deck begins
the home team james paints
Creating a fantastic finish