Hybrid Flooring

Trigon® core technology displays astonishing stability in the most extreme climates, handling temperature changes with minimal expansion and contraction.

Perfect for any interior space, from kitchens, bathrooms to laundries even north-facing windows.

Withstanding the heaviest foot traffic at home or in commercial areas.


Apollo XL

Apollo XL is a stunning hybrid floor. With micro bevel edges and an embossed matte finish, Apollo XL authentically replicates a natural timber wood grain look. 



The Napier range is comprised of six distinctive home grown wood species decors and is the ideal choice for our relaxed lifestyle. Containing the innovative Trigon® Core Technology, Napier displays astonishing durability and impact resistance.


Inspired by natural elements, Artemis brings the essence and depth of the wilderness into your home, intertwining the look and feel of natural timber with the best technical attributes of laminate and vinyl.