Hunting for George Fit out

The Hunting for George crew approached us in need of an awesome flooring to fit out their new office. 

After 6 years, our friends at the designer homewares store, Hunting for George have said goodbye to Richmond and hello to Cheltenham. Having truly outgrown their inner-city space, they have found a new home.

The Hunting for George crew approached us in need of an awesome flooring to fit out their new office. Since the office is the heart and soul of their business, creating a comfortable and stylish space in which to be inspired was of great importance to the crew. As Lucy, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Hunting for George shares.

Choosing a flooring was a big decision for Lucy and Jo, Hunting for George founders, setting the tone for the entire office space was “a pretty big decision”. A lot of thought went into how the floor was to be used, with three different areas within the HQ to think about; warehouse, office and studio. Taking this into consideration, the team also factored in noise, durability, style and maintenance.

Due to the style of this open-plan warehouse, noise was a huge factor to consider when choosing a floor. “We have an open plan layout, so noise has always been an issue for us. We wanted a floor that would absorb some of that”. Carpet is a great flooring option for these noisy, high-traffic spaces as it helps insulate noise and absorb sound. Carpet’s unique fibres, piles, tufts and underlay which have different resonant frequencies at which absorb sound are the reasons for carpet’s fantastic noise absorption. To further enhance sound absorption, we have two superior cushion backing systems that feature acoustic benefits, along with added comfort underfoot.

With all the success Hunting for George has had over the years, it’s inevitable that the growth will continue, adding more members to the team. A product that is hard-wearing and will withstand foot traffic for years to come so the look is maintained was essential. Choosing a carpet with a commercial heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty rating that’s been independently tested for wear and durability is a safe investment to protect your chosen flooring. All our carpet tiles and commercial broadloom have been independently tested and meet these ratings.

Of course, Hunting for George needed something that not only performed, but looked amazing. The floor “sets the tone for your entire interior and a good floor will make the rest of your interior styling a whole lot easier”. We have a large range of commercial products that not only perform, they look fantastic in an office environment. Clever use of colour and pattern can offer more than just a visual aesthetic and instead become a feature of practicality. Patterns are great as they tend to hide dirt and spills and continue to look amazing for years to come. 

These warehouse style apartments even post make-over can still collect dirt and dust. Add a busy office environment and the space can get “seriously filthy”! Having a hassle-free floor that would be easy to clean and maintain was a crucial element to consider for the team, also choosing a colour and pattern that can disguise a few spills here and there. Carpet tiles and planks work well and if need be, individual tiles can be quickly pulled up and replaced without pulling up the entire floor area. 
After assessing the factors, Inscribe in the colour Pottery was chosen “I chose this because of its interesting combination of tones”. Lucy also loved the flecked colour on the floor and its slightly irregular pattern that looks less mainstream. Pottery contains flecks of different colouring which Lucy believed, “gave it an overall ‘lightness’ when displayed on mass”. 

Carpet tiles are extremely easy to install, with a surface area of 250sqm carpeted in one day allowing the team to continue the rest of their fit-out on schedule.

For more information regarding our carpet tile range, please contact your Godfrey Hirst Account Manager.