Social Responsibility

Godfrey Hirst Carpet Tiles Broadloom Social Responsibility

Godfrey Hirst Australia is proud to be recognised as the market leader in Australian carpet manufacturing. We have always recognised the importance of social responsibility as we have grown our business in this highly competitive industry.

These responsibilities are with our customers; our employees and their families; and, importantly, the environment in which they live. We embrace the use of sustainable and renewable resources when creating world-class products.

It is our belief that for our business to thrive, we must maintain a healthy, well-educated workforce; and continue to develop our use of renewable natural resources.

Godfrey Hirst Australia is also very proud of its long philanthropic history. Over our more than 140-year history, many charities, community groups and cultural events have benefited from this generosity.

Amongst them, is our 20-year support of Variety, the children’s charity, through our involvement in the annual fundraising event, The Variety Club Bash.

Godfrey Hirst Australia is also extremely proud to be involved with the Starlight Express Room at the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne which provides seriously ill children and their families a fun, medical-free haven.

As one of Victoria’s oldest manufacturers, we at Godfrey Hirst believe that by investing in our community – be it locally, nationally or globally – we shall reap what we sow. Our success comes from the value we place in our people and by maintaining high ethical standards.  We believe that the positive engagement that we have with the community will continue to help us build a bright and sustainable future.