eco+ carpet for Healthy Homes

Check us out on the latest episode of Healthy Homes on Channel 10.

Hosts Dani and Walt introduce us to Jen and Luke in Ringwood, with three young boys under five, theirs is a busy family home. The house is renovated with some decorating underway but we were happy to help give it a fresh new look and some softness underfoot.

The existing carpet is definitely in need of an upgrade, carbon dating places it in the late 90s. While the light colour keeps the space light and open, it is worn, covered in dark patches and stains. To keep with the lighter tones that worked well the Godfrey Hirst team installed New Sunrise in Summit for the master and kids bedrooms.

We were so excited to see some of the colourful characters from Godfrey Hirst on TV. Our highlight was seeing Alan, who has been installing carpet since he was an apprentice in 1954!

Tips from Healthy Homes

  • Don't be afraid of light colours with carpet. They open up a space, provide the perfect neutral base and advancements in technology mean that eco+ carpet fibres are stain resistant.
  • No need for salt to absorb a red wine spill, eco+ carpet can be cleaned with just cold water.
  • If the space is a high traffic area such as kids bedrooms and hallways, be sure to choose a carpet that is stain resistant and durable.
  • If the space is for a growing family with pets and children, consider a carpet that is easy to clean and pet friendly.
  • eco+ carpet fits the brief perfectly, Jen and Luke and the Healthy Homes team are all delighted with the result.
  • eco+ carpet is beautifully soft and suits the medium to high end market.

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Healthy Homes Australia
Healthy Homes Australia visit Jen and Luke in Melbourne
Healthy Homes Australia
Before: the existing carpet
Healthy Homes Australia
After: brand new eco+ carpet in New Sunrise (Summit)
Healthy Homes Australia
Alan has been installing carpet since 1954