Care Tips

Follow these simple steps to achieve many years of enjoyment from your floor:


  • Place mats at all exterior doorways and entrances to trap dirt, sand, grit, moisture and other substances from shoes. Clean mats regularly.

Felt Protectors

  • Use wide bearing clear, hard plastic or non-staining felt protectors under heavy pieces of furniture. Fit office chairs, filing trolleys, mobile containers and old hard or sharp edged castors on furniture with soft treads or castors. Chair pads should be used under desk chairs with castors.

Heavy Objects

  • Heavy objects and furniture such as large bookcases, full sized billiard tables or kitchen units should not be situated on any floating installation. This can lead to the floor failing to respond to contraction and expansion, which can cause squeaking, gapping and possible failure.

Shifting Furniture

  • Never slide or roll furniture or appliances across your floor. Protect the surface if using a trolley to move heavy objects.


  • Spiked heels or shoes in need of repair can severely damage your floor. In areas of excessive traffic and wear, make use of runners or area rugs. Rugs should be cleaned regularly


  • Protect the floor from direct heat and sunlight with window tinting, curtains, blinds or awnings.
  • Protect the floor from extremely wet or dry conditions (such as periods of drought, flooding or long periods of wet weather) and/or rapid changes in humidity, by use of heating and cooling systems to control the internal temperatures and humidity to maintain room temperatures of 18-25°C and relative humidity levels between 30% and 70%. Otherwise the floors, due to extreme expansion or contraction, may gap, cup or crown or peak.
  • These conditions are beyond our ability to control, such that if these conditions are not maintained the Godfrey Hirst Residential Warranties may be voided.