Godfrey Hirst Floor Finishes Matte Satin Gloss

Gloss Levels

Godfrey Hirst Floors' products feature different surface finishes. The level of gloss indicates how much shine and reflection your floor surface will provide. Different levels of gloss will compliment your space in varying ways.

The different finishes are outlined below:

Godfrey Hirst Floors

Matte Finish

  • Products with a matte finish reflect the natural look and feel of timber.

  • Our matte finish flooring choices have the lowest level of shine and reflection across our ranges.

  • Floors with a matte finish tend to absorb more light, allowing them to blend seamlessly within your space.

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Godfrey Hirst Floor Finishes Satin

Satin Finish

  • Satin finished boards have a silky, smooth finish with a subtle shine.

  • A satin finish allows products to have a greater degree of shine and reflection than a matte finish but not the full shine of a gloss.

  • The subtle shine can help to highlight patterns and grains and add greater visual depth to your space.

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Godfrey Hirst Floor Finishes Gloss

Gloss Finish

  • A gloss finish provides your space with a striking, polished effect.

  • The high reflection and shine that come from flooring with a gloss finish can give a lighter more open feeling.

  • Make the beauty of your floor a feature of your space as it shines in full gloss.

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