Why Our Flooring?


Suitable for high traffic areas in your home, hard flooring is durable and scratch resistant.

Easy to Install

All Godfrey Hirst Floors can be installed at home yourself, do not require glues or nails, and can be walked on straight away.

Natural Beauty

Godfrey Hirst Floors accentuate the warmth and beauty of timber in your interior.

Easy to Clean

Common household spills can be cleaned up easily, and routine cleaning requires only sweeping and wiping down with a well-wrung mop.

Valuable Investment

A Godfrey Hirst hard floor can be a valuable investment and add value to your home.


With colours and finishes to suit both traditional and contemporary homes, there is a Godfrey Hirst floor for all homes.


Available in a wide variety of real timber and timber replications, Godfrey Hirst Floors offers choices in colours, species and finishes.