Introducing Hybrid Flooring: Apollo

If you’ve been thinking about sprucing up your interiors with brand new flooring but find yourself agonising time and again over its day-to-day upkeep, this is going to be the most exciting news you’ll read today. Here at Godfrey Hirst, we’re delighted to announce the launch our stunning new Hybrid flooring product – Apollo – to help you create remarkable, nature-inspired spaces in your home.

Apollo is available in 6 impressive colour options – Python, Sunlight, Enlighten, Wreath, Oracle and Dolphin – making it effortless on your part to create uplifting and enlivening home experiences.

Combining the beauty of timber with the rugged attributes of laminates and luxury vinyl planks, these floors are a match made in heaven. Not only do they offer unparalleled style, but they also require very little routine care.

Key to Apollo’s strength is Hybrid’s cutting-edge Trigon® core technology which ensures reliability, as the floors remain exceptionally stable under sudden and extreme temperature fluctuations. This means you can always be carefree and stay protected from those troublesome lips and gaps, come rain or sunshine. Hybrid floors are also designed to be highly durable, making them the go-to choice for many retail owners who frequently experience high foot-traffic at their stores.

And it doesn’t end there. As a waterproof^ flooring solution, Hybrid’s Apollo is also ideal for use in all wet areas like the laundry room and bathroom spaces. Giving you the chance to enjoy a seamless and consistent flooring experience throughout your home. Plus, you’re also covered by a residential warranty of 15 years.

So, come along and give your floors a new lease of life.

Quick-start your installation today; the easy locking system technology means you’ll be able to walk on your newly-installed floors on the very same day. No delays or hassles anymore.

View the Apollo range now.


^Subject to proper installation and maintenance

Apollo Hybrid Flooring featuring Trigon® core technology
Apollo Hybrid flooring in Wreath
Apollo Hybrid Flooring featuring Trigon® core technology
Apollo Hybrid flooring in colour Python
Apollo Hybrid Flooring featuring Trigon® core technology
Apollo offers unparalleled style.