Wool Carpet Explained: What is Heathered Yarn?

A heathered yarn produces a beautiful, muted palette across the carpet surface enhancing the natural appeal of wool. Heathered wool carpets, particularly in loop products, are popular at the moment, they give the carpet a rustic, natural look.

Heathered yarns are created when various stock-dyed staple colours (3 to 5 colours of varying % by weight) are blended together before carding.

Staple is the loose greasy wool shorn from sheep prior to being scoured or washed.

Scoured staple is then dyed prior to blending, carding and spinning.

The carding process takes these loose blended dyed wool staples, aligns and blends the fibres even further. This produces a carded sliver, a beautiful blend of the coloured fibres that is then spun into yarn. 

Take a look at products with heathered yarns in selected colours of Caribbean and Strand.

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