The Buildher8 South House

Second in the two residence Rathmines project, South House was the shared vision of six DevelopHer Masterclass graduates, along with BuildHer Collective founders Rebeka Morgan and Kribashini Hannon. Empowered to build or renovate their own homes, the women developed the project in collaboration with Ben Callery Architects and Peachy Green residential landscape designers, producing a high-end family home with a 7 Star energy rating. 

Committed to building a beautiful, comfortable and healthy home, the team thoughtfully incorporated more sustainable lifestyle options. The all electric (no gas) home with passive solar architectural design, cross-ventilation, eaves and window shrouds, along with a reclaim heat pump hot water system, 9.1kw solar system with Tesla Powerwall and rainwater tanks.  

The sustainable design was underpinned using recycled and natural materials wherever possible, with the liberal use of timbers, marble counters, and wool carpets throughout. 

Hycraft Petra in colour Fortress was installed in all four bedrooms and second level retreat, its rich mid-grey a neutral foil for white walls with feature pops of colour.  Pure, biodegradable and renewable, wool is also naturally insulating, noise dampening and stain resistant, with a cosy underfoot softness that’s perfect for lounging on.  

Petra wool carpet’s tightly textured, uniform chunky loop also doesn’t show track marks, its inherent structural crimp rebounding and refreshing for a surface that will stay looking new for years to come.


Products Used