Luxe Bedroom Flooring

Sydney’s favourite home renovating team and all round style Queens, Three Birds Renovations, brought their unique talents to the fore once again in House Nine.  Detailing every facet of a humble 60’s era home transformation, Bonnie, Lana and Erin shared insider tips and tricks, working with well-regarded and accessible brands to prove you needn’t spend a king’s ransom to create a home of vision and beauty.

Episode three charted the construction of the main bathroom, along with refurbishment of the guest bedroom and nursery, two previously underwhelming spaces the Birds converted into sanctuaries of calm. Their choice of flooring was a premium 100% wool carpet, Chatsworth, by Hycraft.

Selecting the softly flecked grey-tone of Sir William, the pale neutral beautifully complemented both the bold green feature walls of the guest bed, and dual beige palette of the nursery, its chunky loop pile adding visual appeal and velvety underfoot softness. Stain resistant and certified ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty, Chatsworth provided another practical but luxe product to a captivating Three Birds project.


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