Pretty In Pink Nursery

In a room tailor made for necessary interior change, the décor is deliberately neutral, with pale walls and simple oak furniture. Adding a rosy glow to this subdued nursery, Sheer Wonder in Pink Coral is an inspired choice. Crafted locally in Australia from renewable plant-based ingredients, Sheer Wonder is an Eco+ Triexta carpet of cloud-like softness. 

Unlike the topical stain protections of regular carpet, some of which contain known organic pollutants,  Sheer Wonder Eco+ Triexta has permanent stain resistance and moisture protection built into the core of each individual carpet fibre. Common household spills and stains can be removed easily with nothing but water. A proven carpet surface, Sheer Wonder Eco+ Triexta has been specifically manufactured to meet the toughest of interior conditions without compromising on its delightfully soft textural feel.


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