Scandinavian Style Statement Bedroom

The Scandinavian influence is evident in this bedroom’s clean white walls and natural timber design elements, with practical built-in storage seating under the picture window, framing a lush garden outlook. Peachy pink multi-patterned linens with bursts of yellow add soft contrast to a sparse aesthetic, while Winter Charm in Fern, makes a verdant and elegant flooring style statement.

Winter Charm, an Eco+ Triexta carpet boasting astonishing softness, gives high performance flooring a whole new meaning. Along with inherent fade resistance, each individual triexta fibre comes armed with built-in permanent stain fighting powers, meaning common household spills vanish quickly and easily with just cold water - no harsh chemicals required!  Beautiful to look at and better for the environment, Winter Charm is certified Declare ™ Red List Free making it the ultimate in safe and worry-free carpet.


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