About Spectral Fiber

Godfrey Hirst’s easyliving@home collection is made from our proprietary Spectral Solution Dyed Fiber. What does that mean for you?

Greater Performance

The higher twist levels that we put into Spectral fiber give you a floor covering that can stand up to demands of your busy lifestyle.

easyliving@home carpets (made from Spectral) are durable and provide great performance in your home.

Fade Resistance

With Spectral Solution Dyed Fiber you can be assured that your carpet will give you years of lasting color and fade resistance.

How does the color lock in?

The color is actually part of the fiber! Unlike many other synthetic fibers, where the color is dyed on the surface only, with Spectral it goes all the way through.

Godfrey Hirst Carpets - Spectral Diagram

Looking Good Longer

The dense construction of Spectral ensures your carpet will look just as good as the day you first put it in your home for longer.

Spectral Solution Dyed Fiber is durable and has great appearance retention properties.

Stain Resistant

You can rely on Spectral when dealing with those little spills and accidents that happen in everyday life.

The polyester strands that Spectral is created from are treated with Scotchgard™ stain protection treatment, making easyliving@home carpets ideal for family use.


Carpets made from Spectral are surprisingly affordable.

easyliving@home carpets are not only stylish and durable but also great value.