Environmental Policy

Our aim is to minimise or eliminate all adverse impacts that the activities and products of the Godfrey Hirst Group may have on the environment, while remaining a competitive leader in the field of carpet manufacture. This includes a commitment to minimise pollution and seeking ecologically sustainable waste management systems.


Initiatives and measures undertaken by the Godfrey Hirst Group to achieve its objective include:

  • Develop, document, implement, improve and maintain an environmental management system, using a framework for the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets, which complies with, or exceeds, the requirements of AS/NZS ISO14001: 2004
  • Ensuring all Godfrey Hirst Group operations achieve compliance with environmental statutory and other requirements
  • Development and implementation of an environmental continuous improvement plan
  • Process of integration of an environmental management system into Godfrey Hirst Group carpet manufacturing activities
  • Conduct of regular environmental audits to monitor progress and ensure legal compliance
  • Wherever possible, provision and use of products and services that have minimal adverse environmental impact
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources and provision for energy and resource recovery
  • Minimising waste generation and maximising recycling opportunities
  • Ensuring the safe and appropriate disposal of all waste generated to minimise any environmental impact
  • Regularly reporting to key stakeholders on key performance indicators to improve environmental awareness
  • Increasing employee awareness, understanding and involvement in environmental issues through communication and training
  • Developing an open relationship with regulatory authorities and the local community with regards to environmental reporting

  Godfrey Hirst Environmental Policy (PDF)