Initiatives and Awards

Innovation and Achievement
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Godfrey Hirst's drive for sustainable innovation has been acknowledged with many awards.

With a focus on minimising or eliminating all adverse impacts that the activities and products of the Godfrey Hirst Group may have on the environment, we have shown a  a commitment to minimising pollution and seeking ecologically sustainable waste management systems.

Some of the awards that we have received as a result of this include:

  • Winner: Overall Winner Premiers Sustainability Award 2011
  • Winner: Premiers Sustainability Award (Lrg. Business) 2011          
  • Winner: Save Water Awards 2006
  • Winner: Greenhouse Challenge Plus Award (Med. Business) 2005

For further details on some of out initiatives please read below.



Initiatives and Awards news

Water Treatment Facility

Godfrey Hirst installs a facility that saves 250 million litres of water a year, harvesting storm water and recycling waste water.

Godfrey Hirst Banksia Awards Finalist

Finalist for the Banksia Environmental Foundation Awards 2011.

Godfrey Hirst wins special award.