Installation of patterned carpet

Extra care is required when ordering and installing patterned carpets. All products must be installed according to CRI 105 2015.

The pattern length repeat is an important piece of information that needs to be factored in when determining order quantities. If seams are going to be required then each run of carpet should be ordered at the required length plus one pattern length repeat. This will provide an allowance for alignment of the pattern when making the seam.

Care is also to be taken cutting the selvedge when making a seam. Prior to cutting back the selvedge, the installation mechanic should be noting the relationship between the pattern orientation, pattern width repeat, and the pile texture to ensure that the best match is made when the seam is created.


Our tolerances for patterned carpet are:

  • Bow: 1.5” across 12’ width
  • Skew: 1.5” across 12’ width
  • Pattern Elongation: 1.5” in 12’ down the length
  • While Godfrey Hirst use the best available techniques to minimise pattern distortion during manufacture, the extensible nature of textile products means that some distortion due to shrinkage or stretch during and after manufacture is unavoidable, such that perfect pattern match cannot be guaranteed. Installation of patterned carpet will require more time, effort and skill and a competent carpet mechanic should be able to obtain a close pattern match in most circumstances though some irregularities may still be visible, particularly over multiple width installations. We further suggest you discuss pattern matching with your carpet mechanic.