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Ravine 4M

A rustic, chunky multi-level loop in seven nature inspired hues, Ravine immediately draws the eye with striking visual appeal. Crafted from soft and insulating wool, high performing Ravine is tailor made for high traffic areas and staircases.

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Showcasing a subtly decorative linear pattern, Highland's textured loop finish is available in a variety of contemporary colours, its contrasting two-toned palette evokes the everchanging landscape of mountains.

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Grand Luxury

Making a design statement has never been easier. This classic cut pile carpet has a tight textured finish, creating an elegant look. From calming silver accents to blue tones, the collection features ten new colours.

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Lambton Quay

An affordable berber carpet in seven nature inspired hues, Lambton Quay immediately draws the eye with striking visual appeal. This range features flecks which hide soiling, making it truly versatile and hard wearing.

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Why Wool

Features and Benefits


Wool fibres rapidly absorb common pollutants from the home or office, and retain them until they can be vacuumed out.

Naturally Insulating

Wool absorbs moisture in the air and controls humidity for a comfortable environment, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Reduces Odours

Latest tests carried out by AGRESEARCH^ in New Zealand, have confirmed that wool carpet absorbs a lot of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
^Cooper, A., 2016. Wool Carpets Help Prevent Pet Odours. Christchurch: AgResearch

Fire Resistance

Wool carpet has natural flame resistant properties due to its ability to char when burnt and not melt like synthetic fibres. It retains heat and starves its surface of air, extinguishing flames.

Beautifully Textured

Wool is effortlessly beautiful due to its rustic, subdued appearance. It can be manufactured into an on-trend, chunky loop pile carpet, something that can’t be achieved with synthetic fibres. It also retains its alluring look and feel over time, thanks to its natural resilience.


We pride ourselves on making the most luxurious and environmentally friendly carpet on the planet. Environmentally sound, wool is shorn from sheep every 9-12 months and produced by sheep consuming a totally renewable resource - grass.


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