Beach House Beauty
Beach House Design - Carpet Dream Homes

Any room can be transformed to feel like a beachside home. Just start with a Godfrey Hirst carpet…

Dreaming of a overlooking the turquoise ocean, a stone's throw from white sand?

Create a beach house look in your home so you can have a relaxed atmosphere everyday.

Use light neutral colours on walls and Godfrey Hirst carpets in ocean blues to create a seaside retreat. Choose frieze or twist pile carpet for a feeling that is as soft as sand underfoot. Use modulated or textured loop piles to create a comfortable ambience.

Furniture should be constructed of natural materials such as light timber and rattan. Simple, organic and modern forms in neutral tones work well. Accentuate the theme with cushions and accessories that convey the feel of the seaside. Now you can relax in your own beach house beauty, even if it doesn’t have the view!