Clever Apartment Living
Home Interior Ideas - Apartment Carpet

After a busy day you’ll love coming home to a soft and quiet Godfrey Hirst carpet.

When you have more ideas than you have space, decorating an apartment can be a challenge.

Here are our top tips for making the most of your apartment living:

  • A light to mid coloured neutral carpet will ensure your space looks larger and brighter. 
  • An overall texture or small scale pattern on the floor adds depth and visual appeal to your space.
  • Avoid clutter - opt for multi use furniture pieces such as an all in one drop front desk; or a table for both dining and working.
  • Look for clever storage ideas – such as the sofa pictured with storage inside the arms or an ottoman with concealed storage.
  • A feature mirror can make a room seem larger.
  • Display clusters of eye-catching décor so your eye is drawn to all areas of the room providing depth and character to the space.
  • Delineate open plan spaces with cleverly positioned furniture.



Yellow sculpture – Large glass bottle, white bowl – Safari Living. Coffee table – King Furniture. Yellow cushion – Hermon & Hermon.