Multimedia Room
Home Interior Ideas - Carpet Multimedia Room

Want a room the whole family can enjoy? Then a multimedia space is for you.

With space in the modern home becoming scarce, it only makes sense that your living areas are multifunctional. Multimedia rooms incorporate all the family’s needs. Whether it’s to watch a movie, play Wii or Playstation, use the laptop, listen to music or read – the whole family can enjoy a multimedia room. So how do you style a multifunctional space? Your family is bound to spend a lot of time lounging around on the floor, so soft and comfortable carpet is essential.

This room is great for sharing snacks and drinks, so your carpet also needs to be durable and stain resistant. Create zones within the room using furniture that can be moved easily such as large beanbag chairs, floor cushions or ottomans. A modular sofa allows the flexibility of breaking up the seating or keeping it together for the whole family to watch a movie theatre style. Handy occasional tables in cool designs allow you to keep controls handy. Make it a fun space by keeping your colour scheme bright and patterns bold.