Product Stewardship



Godfrey Hirst is proud to offer commercial customers their “Reclaim – Recycle – Reprocess Programme”* (3 R’s) for all Godfrey Hirst New Zealand manufactured carpets. Under the “3 R’s Programme”* Godfrey Hirst guarantees that all of our carpet, broadloom or modular, reclaimed under this program will NOT GO TO LANDFILL.

Once reclaimed, product will be:

  1. Recycled into materials such as Godfrey Hirst Enviro Bac®; backing system
  2. Reprocessed in the specialised production of Process Engineered Fuel (PEF)

The potential value of PEF can be realised in two ways:

  1. The energy replacement value based on the amount of fossil fuel (coal, gas and diesel) displaced by the use of PEF; and
  2. The carbon and renewable energy benefits that may in turn be accrued via:
  • Carbon value from avoided fossil fuel use
  • Benefits from avoided emissions from landfill
  • Renewable Energy Certificates

The Godfrey Hirst “Reclaim – Recycle – Reprocess Programme”* will be offered on a project by project basis.  We hope that in the near future, we will be able to help you, help us in diverting any commercial carpet ending its life in landfill.

*Terms and conditions apply.  To find out more information please contact the Godfrey Hirst New Zealand Commercial Division.