The Block NZ: Stairway and entrance reveals

As none of the teams finished their spaces, scores were low and room reveals underwhelming. The teams made some wonderful design choices in their bid to meet this week's brief for a statement feature.

Niki and Tiff

Niki and Tiff's windows and skylights made this space quite striking. The judges complimented them on their choice to contrast the stairs with the floor, the mid tones of the wooden flooring working beautifully against the crisp white walls. We loved the crystal lights, the artwork and the floor cushions - we're all for drawing the eye to the floor and fully encourage lounging there too.

Get the look:
Floor and lower stairs - Regal Oak, Handcrafted, in Windsor ~ Godfrey Hirst
Crystal Lighting ~ JA Russell

Emma and Courtney

Emma and Courtney's entry packed a punch with the large black door, the concrete hall table and the large black mirror. The style choices are simple and work really well with the timber flooring, as Paul Izzard said, the 'artwork works well with the warm wooden floors'. They also scored points for the contemporary glass and metal handrails on the stairs.

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Floor and stairs - Regal Oak Handcrafted timber flooring in Astor ~ Godfrey Hirst
Mason Cement Console ~ Freedom


Dyls and Dylz

The boys's choice of floating stairs with glass sides and chunky metal mechanisms worked really well with their high-to-the-ceiling window. The clean fresh lines look spectacular and brought a unique design element to what could have been a very tight and dark stairway. The over-sized front door contrasted with the light timber flooring along with the black electrical fixtures.

Get the look:
Floor - Villa timber flooring in Summer Blonde ~ Godfrey Hirst

Sam and Emmett

We loved the statement red door and the amount of light in this space. Sam and Emmett matched the stairs perfectly to the light timber tones of their timber floor. Paul Izzard complimented them on their choice of flooring and we have to agree. A big cracking artwork would have helped this space, we look forward to the end result.

Get the look:
Floor and stairs - Vue Laminate Mountain Oak in Heritage Brown ~ Godfrey Hirst


Credit: All images sourced from TV3 and Media Works.
The Block NZ 2016 | Niki and Tiff's Entrance
Niki and Tiff: Regal Oak, Handcrafted, in Windsor
The Block NZ 2016 | Emma and Courtney's Entrance
Emma and Courtney: Regal Oak Handcrafted, in Astor
The Block NZ 2016 | Dyls and Dylz Entrance
Dyls and Dylz: Villa Timber Flooring in Summer Blonde
The Block NZ 2016 | Sam and Emmett Stairway
Sam and Emmett: Vue Laminate Mountain Oak in Heritage Brown