Inside Interior Design with Alana Langan

Ivy Muse Botanical Emporium in Armadale is a new concept store designed by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal. It houses the Ivy Muse collection of plants and plant stands and features botanical themed artwork from local artists. When they chose our timber flooring for their store, we couldn't resist the opportunity to have a quick chat.

We say, 'start with your floors'. Do you agree?

You've got to always keep in mind what flooring you would like to have, but you have to take into account everything else you've got in that space such as plants or furniture that is already there.

What did you choose for the floors in Ivy Muse Botanical Emporium?

We chose Villa timber flooring in Pearl because we wanted a neutral and natural flooring. We wanted a neutral base that would complement our white walls and let all of the plants and beautiful things we have in here shine.

As your store is filled with beautiful botanical themed artists' wares, which Australian designers or creators are you loving at the moment?

It's really hard to pick, we have so much to choose from in here. I would have to say the wonderful artwork of Amy Wright, a talented local Melbourne artist. Her artwork adorns the walls here at the moment and she is part of our Ivy Muse team.

How would you describe the Ivy Muse style?

Ivy Muse is all about encouraging creativity with greenery. We like neutral colours, fine details, leather, handmade details and spaces that let plants shine, overall that's the Ivy Muse look and feel.

What object, design or artwork couldn't you live without?

I'm all about texture, so I would have to say the alpaca blanket on my couch. It's the small, finer details that make me feel good at home.

Where do people go wrong with plants?

If you've got plants you can't really go wrong. For most people it comes down to light and water - too much or too little of both.

Have we seen the rise and fall of the fiddle leaf fig tree?

The fiddle leaf fig is a popular tree for good reason, it's a beautiful plant, it shoots really well and it's beautiful.

If you had to choose just one plant, what would it be?

Devil's Ivy. It's a beautiful trailing plant, it's gorgeous to look at, really hardy and it's a great air cleaner.

What do plants do to an interior?

They soften minimal spaces, they breathe life and energy into spaces and they make you smile. Studies have shown that plants can increase productivity and creativity and decrease stress levels. They remind us of nature and connect is with the outside world.

Want to take a peek inside Ivy Muse? Spend two minutes with Alana Langan in our latest "Two Minutes with..." video. 

Get the look with Godfrey Hirst, Villa Timber in Pearl.

Find Ivy Muse Botanical Emporium at 1250 High Street, Armadale, Victoria.


Godfrey Hirst Inside Interior Design | Alana Langan Ivy Muse
Inside Interior Design | Alana Langan | Ivy Muse
Villa timber flooring in Pearl
Inside Interior Design | Alana Langan
Styling by Alana Langan / Photography by Annette O’Brien
Inside Interior Design | Alana Langan | Ivy Muse
"Ivy Muse is all about encouraging creativity with greenery."