Boho Chic Living

Calling all free spirits... Whether you're obsessed with layering textiles or simply into the cost-effectiveness of shopping vintage, bohemianism - the unconventional, artistic lifestyle that dates all the way back to the 1800's - can become your home's calling card. This laidback living casually brings together ground seating, lived-in linen fabric, marble coffee table and macrame wall hanging. The clay-inspired carpet creates a warm earth tone backdrop, perfectly reflecting the natural elements of the decor.

New Sunrise carpet has a unique combination of luxurious softness and wearability. Triexta is a fibre made with 37% renewably sourced polymer, derived from corn sugar. Its resistance to fading makes it perfect for protecting it from natural sunlight indoors. The durability and softness make it kid and pet friendly and a popular choice for busy living areas.


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