Coastal Vibe

This epic Mt Maunganui renovation is full of stylish, thoughtful spaces, achieving a gorgeous coastal look. Envisioning driftwood, sand dunes, rolling tides and smooth beach pebbles, wood flooring with natural tones is what you want to wake up to every morning. The light colour of Weathered Oak brings a relaxing, serene atmosphere to this home, perfectly reflecting the feel of the location. Wood, rattan and wicker furniture pieces have an organic feel that complement the beach look

With a real European Oak surface, Oak Elegance provides a unique look for your home with true-to-life distinct knots and grain variation.

The contemporary range of colours are all Medium Feature Grade, which offers a clean yet distinctive character in every board and every floor. Finished with a high-quality German lacquer and a light brush veneer, Oak Elegance has the timeless look and feel of luxury.