Kid's Corner

Ravine carpet was chosen as a luxurious natural multi-level loop wool carpet. The hint of green of the Fissure carpet provides a freshness that complements the mountain scene and olive accessories.

Showcasing a subtly decorative linear pattern, Ravine’s textured loop finish is available in a variety of contemporary colours, its contrasting two-toned palette evoking the ever-changing landscape of mountains and glens.  Ravine is designed to complement a multitude of interior styles with each sophisticated neutral adapting equally to formal, casual, modern or traditional home settings.

Creating a fun kid’s space is as easy with few pots of paint and some masking tape. Three simple triangles painted in Resene Quarter Karaka, Resene Ravine and Resene Cabbage Pont are the perfect base for a mountain effect. Finish the mountains off with a touch of Resene Half Black White.


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