Lush Lounging

Taupe, beige, caramel and toffee tones all work harmoniously together, creating a relaxed and comfortable space. Astoria in Summer Grace is a warm and durable laminate that provides tonal balance alongside the soft wheat Nood sofa and pebble rug to create depth. If you’re looking for a warm neutral, you can’t look past Resene Half Drought - it‘s a soft, creamy taupe which has been blended effortlessly with a hint of rose. Pair with the rich Resene Brown Sugar and layer plush cushions, thick throws and eclectic décor for the ultimate cosy nook.

Astoria offers a unique variety of grain pattens and hues creating an authentic timber appearance. Astoria is a stylish Laminate that makes a charismatic and durable flooring statement. The distinctive natural grain is highlighted with an embossed inregister finish for an authentic timber appearance. With traditional square edges that give a sleek contemporary finish, your floor is guaranteed to endure busy household foot traffic.


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