Office, CBD office space, Perth WA

>CBD office space, Perth WA

As commercial office interiors are moving towards the activity based workplace, interior designers are challenged with finding a design aesthetic that reflects this change.

For this commercial office environment, the brief was to create a custom commercial carpet to define spaces, add colour and suit the design aesthetic of this busy corporate space. Landscape commercial carpet tiles fit the brief perfectly. The textured loop pile carpet tiles consist of neutral tufted hues, great for creating a base for your floor and then some striking highlights produced using Designer Jet technology.

The thin and thick stripe throughout the design allows for limitless pattern interpretations within the design. In this project, the quarter turned tile breaks up the pattern giving the floor even more texture. The combination makes this design range an ideal option for corporate spaces wanting to inject colour into the workplace.

Grey carpet tiles (Night Spell) create the perfect neutral base, highlight colours were then added to create contrast and zones. Interspersed with a lighter grey tile (Steel) alongside red (Deep Passion) and orange (Orange Fizz) is used in the open spaces.

As a colour best used sparingly in office interiors, the red here invigorates the floor and complements the digital wall art.

'Colours commonly found in nature, such as blues and greens, can have a calming effect on a stressful work environment', says Mark Woodman, president of the Colour Marketing Group. 'Since workers spend most of their days inside fluorescent-lit offices, any relation to the outside world makes people feel better', he says.
The geometric pattern formed with the carpet tiles is picked up in the artwork and chairs in the kitchen. Timber tones in the desks, slatted wall divider and floating ceiling in the kitchen tie the space together beautifully.

Get this look with Landscape Commercial Night Spell, Deep Passion, Orange Fizz, Peppermint and Deep Sea.

Project: CBD office space
Product: Landscape carpet tiles
Designers: MKDC
Photographer: Robert Frith