Office, Bold Stripe Carpet Tiles, Aurora Place, Sydney NSW

>Bold Stripe Carpet Tiles, Aurora Place, Sydney NSW

Bold Stripe Carpet Tiles, Aurora Place, Sydney NSW

Andrew Loader Design did a sensational job of reinventing this iconic Sydney landmark. High above the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge this Macquarie Street marvel was architecturally designed by Renzo Piano.

"An iconic Sydney landmark building should be treated with the respect it deserves when the time comes for the reinvention of interior spaces, " Andrew Loader Design.

The brief was to create a considered interior design for a creative and agile environment. It included 250 metres of 3D design cladding, Australia's largest switch glass installation and a concierge lounge for client meetings.

The Custom Carpet

Godfrey Hirst custom created charcoal and light coloured carpet planks measuring 500mm wide x 1m in length. Placed alternatively, the pattern creates classic bold stripes that give the space unique structure and drama. The colours were custom matched to the upholstery for Andrew Loader Design creating rich cohesion.

The classic contrasting colour combination has a timeless and sophisticated appeal. In collaborative zones, black is featured in furnishings and white in the workstations. The use of glass and light reflective surfaces ensure the dynamic views are visible from every seat. But in each space the eye is undoubtedly, playfully drawn to the floor that grounds and gravitates the entire space.

Carpet: Custom charcoal and light coloured skinny planks (500mm wide x 1m in length).

Architect: Renzo Piano
Interior Design: Andrew Loader Design [website | instagram]
Commercial Fitout: Office Builders