Dance often begins with isolated movements pieced together by a choreographer to create a carefully curated performance. We invite you to explore, arrange, create and merge the Choreography Collection of planks and develop your own cohesive rhythm on the floor.


A combination of 5 unique carpet planks, the Choreography Collection is a progressive composition of patterns designed to work together or solo. This versatile collection features one synchronised colour palette to make specifying a co-ordinated floor easy.


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The structure and precise design of Sequence features a classic vertical, linear pattern. 



Performance features the same vertically linear design and light to dark gradient as Sequence, but with the strong highlight lines removed, offering a simple and elegant look.


Motion features a textured backdrop with short, sharp lineations running across the plank, adding a dramatic effect.



Concerto features the same backdrop as Motion and Fusion, providing a highly textured look without the strong lineal highlights for a stylish and understated look.


Fusion features a distinct cross-hatch pattern, born from uniting the Sequence and Motion patterns together.