Green Star (ECS)

Environmental Certification Scheme
Godfrey Hirst Commercial Carpet Tile Broadloom Green Star ECS
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Godfrey Hirst is committed to sustainable design solutions.  Our objective is to minimise or eliminate all adverse impacts that the activities and products of the Godfrey Hirst Group may have on the environment, while remaining a competitive leader in the field of carpet manufacture.

This includes a commitment to minimise pollution and seeking ecologically sustainable waste management systems.

All Godfrey Hirst Commercial products (modular and broadloom) are accredited for Green Star compliance by the Australian Carpet Institute’s Environmental Certification Scheme.

The Environmental Certification Scheme (ECS) is a stringent, industry based, GBCA approved Third Party Certification body.  Each individual commercial product is rated under the ECS and the test certificates are available for download below.

All Godfrey Hirst Modular products achieve ECS LEVEL 4 (GREEN STAR LEVEL A) CERTIFICATION giving the maximum 5 Credit Points on the MAT-2 Flooring Calculator 100% points.

Green Star (ECS) Product Downloads