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Carpet that is used in Healthcare applications needs to respond to different demands and conditions than those seen in regular commercial applications. To meet these demands, design and technology must fuse with aesthetic appeal and durability.  The Godfrey Hirst design team have fully researched the requirements of the Healthcare sector with the goal of providing Healthcare carpets that meet the needs of Healthcare providers and patients alike. The team undertook a survey of leading Healthcare providers and architects in coming up with this new range.

Visually pleasing, yet subtle so as not to overwhelm, our new Healthcare range of products provide excellent soil hiding ability as well as superior appearance retention.

Custom designs are also available using our Designer Jet technology. If required, we also have advanced carpet image creation capabilities that allow for visual cues such as directional arrows to be incorporated into most designs.

The full Healthcare range has contemporary designs in pattern, colour and texture that provide both practicality and the ability to complement the design of new or existing facilities. Our Healthcare products are produced as a nominal 1.95 metre wide, high performance carpets designed to a synchronised palette of soothing colours. All designs are mock matchable for ease of installation in even the most difficult areas.

Features of all Godfrey Hirst Healthcare products include:

•         An Impervious Moisture Barrier
•         Bio Contaminate Control
•         Excellent colourfastness properties
•         BCA Compliance
•         100% PVC and BPA FREE
•         Designed for sound and glare reduction
•         Rolling resistance complies with Snook and Ciriello push/pull requirements

For more information on Leaves or other custom product options please contact us (Australia or New Zealand).