Product Stewardship


Product Recovery Program (3R)

GH Commercial was one of the first Australian carpet manufacturers to offer a comprehensive take-back program with the promise to divert carpet from landfill. We are working hard to further expand the scope and capabilities of this program in line with our ever-evolving product offering across hard, resilient and soft floor coverings.

Under today’s 3R program (Reclaim - Recycle – Reprocess), we take back all GH Commercial broadloom carpets, modular carpets and vinyl flooring products (including Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, IVC Group and Mohawk Group products) at the end of their first life with the guarantee that no recovered product will be disposed of in landfill.

Once recovered, the product will either be recycled into materials such as our own Enviro Bac® backing system or be reprocessed in the specialised production of Process Engineered Fuel (PEF) or recycled as part of the Mohawk Group ReCover recycling program.

We hope that in the near future, we will be able to help you in diverting any commercial floor from ending its life in landfill. Please talk to your GHC representative for more information.

Loop Program (Repurpose)

The GHC Loop program gives carpet tiles a second life. Carpet tiles are collected, graded and reused for their original purpose in a new installation. Our clientele ranges from charities, schools, price-conscious buyers to environmentally-conscious corporate clients. This program truly closes the loop, without destruction of value and requiring minimum energy needs.

GHC Loop is offered on a project per project basis. Upon installation of GH Commercial modular carpet products, GH Commercial will take back any good appearance modular carpet products, free of charge and regardless of manufacturer for refurbishment and reuse. For worn-down carpet tiles and flooring types other than carpet tiles, the 3R Program applies.

Exploring new solutions

We are actively pursuing new technologies and opportunities to support a more circular set-up. We aim to increase the reuse and recycling of our end-of-life flooring products, with a view to eventual elimination of the disposal of our flooring products to landfills. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our journey.