Carpet Glossary

This glossary explains carpet terms that you may not be familiar with.


Preventing or inhibiting the build up of static electricity.


The hessian or synthetic material on the back of the carpet.


A combination of wool and nylon to obtain a mixture of a particular fibre.


Carpet Woven in wide widths.

Fade Resistance

The ability of the colour within fibres to be retained when subjected to sunlight, spillages, rubbing and various solvents. 

Lineal Metre

Lineal refers to a running length of carpet by the manufactured width.

Pile Height

The height of the pile calculated in millimetres.


A structure of interwoven fibres that produce a textured appearance.


To wind together two or more threads of yarn, so as to produce a single strand.


The base used to support and provide extra cushioning to installed carpet installed.

Glossary and definitions provided by Godfrey Hirst UK. For further information please contact us.