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Godfrey Hirst Carpet Brands

1. Our Brands

Godfrey Hirst Carpets lead the market in colour, style, performance and quality. Our brands include eco+ triexta carpets made from natural corn sugar*; and Hycraft, wool carpets made from the highest quality wool in the latest styles.

Godfrey Hirst Carpets

2. A Carpet For You

Godfrey Hirst has an extensive range of carpets to choose from in all colours, styles and fibre types. With all the best brands you know and trust, Godfrey Hirst has all you want in carpet.

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Hycraft Wool Carpets

3. Nature's Finest Wool

Hycraft is a stunning and versatile range of wool and wool rich carpets for all seasons. Made from natural woolen fibres. Hycraft provides warmth during winter and cooling in summer. Hycraft carpet is the natural choice for long lasting appearance, beauty and style.

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ECO+ Godfrey Hirst Carpets

4. Next Generation Carpet

Godfery Hirst eco+ is the next generation in carpet with new levels of stain, soil, wear and colourfast performance plus luxurious softness. Manufactured with Sorona® renewably sourced polymer made from natural corn sugar, the super performance of Godfrey Hirst eco+ is backed by lifetime and 25 year guarantees.

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Godfrey Hirst Luxury Carpet

5. Softness You Deserve

There's nothing like coming home at the end of the day and sinking your toes into a Godfrey Hirst Luxury carpet. Godfrey Hirst Luxury carpets are exceptionally soft and durable. The feathery softness is thanks to its low Denier per Filament (DPF). The low DPF means there is a higher density of filaments per fibre compared to other carpets, making this luxury carpet irresistibly soft and durable.

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Godfrey Hirst Luxury Premium Carpet

6. Long Lasting Colour

For the ultimate in softness and comfort underfoot, look for the Luxury Premium mark at your local Luxury carpet retailer - with the lowest denier per filament and heaviest plush designs, we're sure you'll agree that carpet has never felt so soft!

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