3 Ways eco+ Carpet Helps with Eco Friendly Living

Climate change, carbon emissions and environmental sustainability are never far from our minds. Many of us are choosing to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to minimise our impact on the environment . As consumers and homeowners, we can make ecological and sustainable choices in almost every aspect of our homes.

This can mean simple, every day gestures like recycling, going paperless and switching off appliances when they're not in use. It can mean making consumer conscious choices such as energy efficient lighting, buying organic and shopping local.

Or it can mean making larger, sustainable investments designed to deliver environmental benefits for years to come like solar heating, renewable building materials and eco+ carpet.

Here are 3 reasons why eco+ is a great choice for sustainable living:

1. It cleans with just cold water
No chemical treatments are required to maintain eco+ carpets. No matter what the spill, it can be cleaned with just cold water.

2. It's made from corn
eco+ is made from natural corn sugar. The natural corn sugar is processed to produce Sorona® renewably sourced™ polymer. This polymer is used to manufacture yarn which is tufted into Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet.

3. Less greenhouse gas emissions
The Sorona® polymer used in the manufacture of eco+ generates less greenhouse gases than in the production of nylon.*

No matter how big or how small, there are many ways to make choices for our home and family that are eco friendly. Carpet is something that is with you for a long time, making informed consumer choices will ensure that you get the best alternative for you and your family.

Take a look at the eco+ carpet ranges.

 *Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of Sorona® are 63% lower than nylon 6 (CISO standard 14040).

eco+ Triexta carpet from Godfrey Hirst
Cleans with just cold water
eco+ Triexta carpet from Godfrey Hirst
Made from natural corn sugar
eco+ Triexta carpet from Godfrey Hirst
Carpet choice for eco friendly living