Some of the questions we commonly answer about laminate flooring

What is Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is made of four layers of materials pressed together to create very hard wearing floors in limitless designs and colours.
These layers are as follows:

• Wear layer – A clear, top layer that provides exceptional resistance to wear, fading and staining.

• Design layer – A high resolution printed paper layer that realistically captures the look of the surface it is imitating. Generally the designs are of timber but they may also be of tile or stone.

• Inner core – A layer of High Density Fibreboard (HDF). HDF is a pressed wood product that is extremely dense, providing stability for the finished board.

• Backing Layer –  A melamine layer providing further stability and also a moisture barrier.


What type of Laminate flooring does Godfrey Hirst sell?

We have several Laminate options with 8mm, 10mm and 12mm ranges and many colour and designs to choose from including Australian Species.

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How hard is Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring’s wear layer is so durable that it makes Laminate the hardest of all of our flooring products. Timber, Bamboo and Vinyl flooring will dent in situations where Laminate flooring does not. An example of this durability can be seen by looking at the potential effects of stiletto heels on a flooring surface. Stiletto heels can easily damage Timber floors but have no effect on a Laminate floor.


Will my Laminate floor dent and scratch?

Although Laminate flooring is very hard wearing and doesn’t dent like other floors, it can scratch. Although more scratch resistant than most other floors, care needs to be taken with your Laminate floor. Please refer to our Laminate Care and Care Tips pages for information and tips to protect your flooring against dents and scratches.


Can I direct stick my Laminate floor?

No. Laminate floors are designed to only be installed using a floating system. Godfrey Hirst provide installation guidelines for all of our flooring products including Laminate.


Can I sand and recoat my Laminate floor?

No. A Laminate floor is an imitation of real timber flooring and as such cannot be re-sanded and coated. However, the superior wear qualities and resistance to scratching and denting ensure that a laminate floor, properly looked after, will stay looking beautiful for a  long time.