Some of the questions we commonly answer about vinyl flooring

What is Vinyl Plank flooring?

Vinyl Plank flooring is made of several layers of materials pressed together to create very hard wearing floors.

These layers are as follows:

• UV Coating provides a hard-wearing product with high impact resistance.

• Wear layer provides durability and protection against everyday wear and tear.

• The decorative layer replicates the look of an authentic hardwood floor.

• The core layer makes your floor stable and durable.

• A fibreglass mesh layer provides extra stability.

• A bottom backing layer preserves structural and dimensional stability.


What type of Vinyl Plank flooring does Godfrey Hirst sell?

Godfrey Hirst Vinyl Planks are available in several beautiful ranges with realistic timber texture and grain that you can see and feel, including Direct Stick, Express Lay®, and Hybrid WPC installation options.

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How hard is Vinyl Plank flooring?

Vinyl Plank is very hard wearing and (in terms of other flooring types) is harder than timber but not as hard as laminate.


Will my Vinyl Plank flooring dent and scratch?

Yes. Although very hard wearing and dent and scratch resistant, care needs to be taken to ensure you protect your Vinyl Plank flooring from dents and scratches.  Please refer to our Vinyl Care and Care Tips pages for information and tips to protect your flooring against dents and scratches.


Can I direct stick my Vinyl Plank flooring?

All Vinyl planks can be adhered to the subfloor, although some products are designed specifically for this purpose (these are normally 2mm or 3mm thick) Floating systems are generally 4mm or 5mm thick. Godfrey Hirst provide installation guidelines for all of our flooring products including Vinyl Plank.


Can I sand and recoat my Vinyl Plank flooring?

No. A Vinyl Plank floor is an imitation of real timber flooring and as such cannot be re-sanded and coated. However, its superior wear qualities and resistance to scratching, ensure that a Vinyl Plank floor, properly looked after, will stay looking beautiful for a very long time.