Inspired by how people live today

That's our strength. We design and develop our design floors completely in-house. When it comes to fashion and design, Belgium has always been on the crossroads of Europe, a good place for new ideas. And the same goes for flooring design: Belgian designers keep an open mind, pick up local evolutions really fast and have the ability to transform new tendencies into a future-proof flooring offer with wide appeal.




Product Spotlight: Bohemian

The noble yet familiar atmosphere created by the unique chevron pattern radiates a harmonious chic and timeless elegance. This classic rustic-look floor is comfortable and cosy while at the same time designed to withstand the harshest treatment.

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Product Spotlight: Blackbutt

Moduleo™ Blackbutt harnesses the stylist nature of genuine Aussie Blackbutt in a stunning and practical vinyl plank. Both warm and quite underfoot, this floor is made to be lived on.

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Product Spotlight: Ceppo

Combining the natural appeal of beach stones and pebbles, subtle shades of grey allow you to create an interior design space that radiates inner peace and tranquility: the key to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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