Carpets have independent ratings so you can select the right carpet for your floor. It’s important to think about the level of foot traffic in your home and select a carpet with a suitable rating to match.

ACCS Ratings Labels

When shopping for carpet you can have complete confidence in ACCS ratings as the scheme is administered by the Carpet Institute of Australia and testing and classification is undertaken by independent and impartial experts.

Our carpets are tested and given a star rating out of six stars, based on performance. The more stars the better the quality of carpet. Rated in accordance with its suitability for use in varying traffic levels in residential homes from light, medium, heavy to extra heavy duty.

Residential Carpets 6 Star Classification System

Room / Foot Traffic Rating
Bedroom with light traffic flow Residential Light Duty 1
Living room / entertainment area with light to medium traffic flow Residential Medium Duty 2
A hallway or entertainment area with heavy traffic flow Residential Heavy Duty 3 or 4
Areas with extra heavy traffic flow Residential Extra Heavy Duty 5 or 6

The ratings table is an indication of the minimum quality of carpet required for an area. However more stars, the better it will perform and look better for longer. Buying the highest quality carpet you can afford will let you enjoy your carpet for as long as possible.

Each carpet is also tested as to its suitability for stairs. As carpet installed on stairs is subject to very concentrated wear, suitability for stairs requires a minimum residential rating of heavy duty (3*) rating, which can be found on the label as a stair icon.

Environmental Certification Scheme

An extension of the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS), the Environmental Certification Scheme tests carpet to ensure they meet stringent environmental performance standards such as volatile organic compound emissions, noise reduction and thermal insulation properties (For more information visit:

Be sure to ask your retailer about the ACCS certification for the carpet you are buying.

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