The surface finish of your floor enhances its appeal, adding and extra touch of style. It can create a rustic textured appearance, or more streamlined look.

Godfrey Hirst floor surfaces have been designed to protect against everyday wear and tear for your peace of mind.


A modern and natural finish which is forgiving and copes well with the wear and tear of daily life. You will find this popular finish on most Godfrey Hirst floors.


Textured embossing on the surface of laminate, vinyl plank and laminate flooring options provides a realistic textured finish.

Embossed in Register

Textured embossing on the surface of the floor follows the grain and pattern of the design layer for a dramatic level or realism.

Real Timber Surface

The hardwood top layer of all Godfrey Hirst timber boards is a genuine resandable veneer of real timber.


Some Godfrey Hirst timber ranges have a satin finish which provides a smooth, polished finish creating an elegant interior.


Some Godfrey Hirst timber ranges are available in a brushed finish which adds texture to the surface for natural rustic charm.

Hard Flooring Finishes Features