About Us

Hycraft is a stunning and versatile range of wool and wool rich carpets for all seasons. Made from natural woollen fibres, Hycraft Carpets provide warmth during winter and cooling in summer. Hycraft carpet is the natural choice for long lasting appearance, beauty and style.

With a long standing tradition for quality and performance, Hycraft carpets are produced from premium wools by Godfrey Hirst Carpets. As further testament to its reputation, every Hycraft carpet comes with 15 or 10 year wear guarantees.

Natural stain resistance, easy maintenance and the flame retardency of Hycraft’s wool fibres make it a practical floor covering. With excellent acoustic insulation Hycraft Carpets create a quiet, relaxing indoor environment.

No matter what style of home, from classic to modern, there’s a Hycraft carpet to suit your décor. For diverse styles, luxurious comfort and superior durability in fine wool carpets, Hycraft is the natural choice.

Hycraft Carpets are part of the Godfrey Hirst Carpets group.