What's New in Wool Carpet

The current carpet flooring trend is for big, chunky spun yarns in deeper, neutral tones inspired by the three new carpet ranges from Hycraft. Across the three ranges Odyssey, Pegasus and Valley Gorge there is a quality carpet to complement any home style and lifestyle.

If you prefer apartment living, where home is your piece of paradise amongst the bustle of busy city living you’ll love lineal patterns and plush finishes. If urban living is for you, just beyond the city scape, there is classic palette and designer inspired hues. For tree changer’s or country living lovers you’ll enjoy earthy, muted tones and if you do like to be beside the seaside, textures and a rustic palette will meld beautifully with your seaside retreat.

Odyssey and Pegasus are two plush pile range of quality wool blend carpets each with eight colours. These range from warm neutrals and creams through to light and dark stony greys. The stronger wool synthetic blend construction makes these carpets both plushly soft and durable, the perfect combination for all types of modern living.

To complement the hugely popular Ravine carpets, Hycraft has also released a range of beautiful 100% wool carpets. Valley Gorge features six new natural colours with creams as well as warm and cool tones of greys and browns. Characterised by the heavy-style loops unique to Hycraft, this is a tighter, crunchier and more textured carpet that is beautifully teamed with rustic, industrial, minimalist or contemporary styling. The heathered yarn throughout this range gives the carpets a distinguished flecked and multi-coloured effect.

When trying to add some warmth into living spaces, there is no substitute for wool blend or wool carpets. Whether your style is Apartment, Country, Seaside or Urban, complement your wool carpet by pairing with chunky wool throws, soft textured cushions and warm tones in furniture.

For a more dramatic effect go for pale or white walls to let your artwork sing and your carpet soar. Accessorise with copper, concrete, rattan or terracotta light fittings or bring bright colour with soft furnishings that can be interchanged with your mood.

This much-loved fibre lends itself to natural insulation keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. Of course, wool carpet has a natural fire resistance and inherent stain resistance, making it ideal for homes filled with children and pets.

Talk to your local carpet retailer and ask them to show you the plushness of Odyssey and Pegasus or the thick texture of Valley Gorge.

Wool Carpet Hycraft Odyssey Stella
Bedroom carpet style
Wool Carpet Hycraft Odyssey Calypso
Warm up your living space
Wool Carpet Hycraft Odyssey Trojan
Plushly soft and durable