When Nat Wheeler and Kristy Sadlier first bonded over motherhood and Scandinavian design, neither of them could have foreseen how life-changing that connection would be. 

Tapping into the popular trend for clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, they co-founded  Norsu Interiors. Now with three beautiful Melbourne retail stores and a good deal of acclaimed renovations, this down to earth, savvy design duo continue to offer unique Nordic homewares, artwork, furniture and have a keen eye and experience in the best flooring options as the foundation for home and retail.

Norsu Home

Cosy and Comfortable

Tapping into the popular Scandinavian aesthetic, the savvy design duo from Norsu Interiors continue to be leaders in the interior decoration space. Nat and Kristy chose Carramar for their latest renovation of Norsu Home. This stunning wool carpet made the perfect base for this cosy space.