Blending durability and stunning aesthetics - Laminate is a robust, hard-wearing, multi-layer flooring product, fused together with a lamination process. Laminate floors deliver gorgeous timber looks with grain and colour that you can see and feel. To the untrained eye it can now be difficult to tell a laminate floor from a real wood floor!

Laminate floors are very easy to look after, requiring very little maintenance beyond regular vacuuming or sweeping and a light wipe with a damp mop. Perfect for busy households with pets or children, the family beach house, the office or showroom, laminate flooring is a stylish and versatile solution.

Some Godfrey Hirst laminate ranges also give the benefit of being water resistant^, making them suitable for all areas of your home including wet areas.

Choose from sleek, contemporary or go bold with character! Godfrey Hirst laminate floors offer a beautiful, affordable and durable flooring choice. Available in a variety of striking designs and colours, our ranges are bursting with character and will accentuate the beauty of any home.

^Subject to proper installation, maintenance and local building code / regulatory approval.


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