The demands of everyday family life can mean constant activity, wear and tear in the home. With great durability, stain and fade resistance, a Godfrey Hirst solution dyed nylon carpet will endure messy toddlers through to the tough teenage years and beyond!

Quality and Performance

Godfrey Hirst Solution Dyed Nylon carpets provide the ultimate in carpet colourfastness, stain protection and performance.

The polymers that make up Godfrey Hirst solution dyed nylon carpets are coloured using only the very best quality colour pigments available. Solution Dyed Nylon fibres are then processed into yarns suitable for tufting into carpet. This means the colour is locked into the core of the yarn fibres prior to the manufacture of the carpet.

The Practical Choice

Godfrey Hirst Solution Dyed Nylon carpets are true all-rounders. With correct maintenance, the carpet will continue to look impressive for many years. For this reason, they are a popular choice for young families, as they are stain resistant, durable, resilient, stylish and comfortable.


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